Australia supports Economic Reform in Vietnam (Aus4Reform)

Economic Restructuring and Business Enabling Environment

Central Institute of Economic Management (CIEM) under Ministry of Planning and Investment is the implementing agency with the following outputs:

- Monitoring and implementation of economic development and economic restructuring initiatives linked to new economic growth model (NEGM), including better understanding of progress and issues in implementing sub-national level reforms.

- Effective implementation of the Government of Vietnam actions plans to streamline the business enabling environment, including better understanding progress and issues in implementing sub-national level reforms.

- Increased and more broad - based support for reform agenda to develop competitive factor markets, with a focus on developing markets for agriculture land use rights.

- Strengthen capacity to implement SOE restructuring, focusing on: monitoring and evaluation of SOE equitization; solving loss-making SOEs; SOE financial oversight; and increased transparency governance and accountability institutions.

- Recommendations for action to reform, restructure and improve public investment discipline and quality and to improve public service delivery institutions.