Australia supports Economic Reform in Vietnam (Aus4Reform)


Overview of Program Management

Overview of Program Management


Program Management Diagram
Program Management Diagram

The Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) under the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) has lead responsibility for overall program coordination, budget management, reporting, M&E, and communications. The Government of Vietnam (GoV) has assigned MPI to lead, coordinate and guide implementation of overall Master Plan on Economic Restructuring (MPER), including coordinating monitoring and reporting on implementation of the MPER.  The Minister of MPI has assigned CIEM to lead this work. 

CIEM is accountable to DFAT and the GoV for program implementation. The President of CIEM (or their nominee) acts as the National Program Director (NPD).

DFAT is involved in Program planning and strategy decisions, including approval of the Operational Manual (OM), key program personnel in the Program Support Unit (PSU), the Senior Advisory Group (SAG), and decisions on the use of the Flexible Fund. DFAT will recruit an international Senior Policy Advisor (SPA) to support Aus4Reform implementation.

A Program Coordination Committee (PCC) is established to ensure effective coordination, policy dialogue, and information sharing between various program components and activities. Membership of the PCC comprises the NPD and the NCDs. Representatives from DFAT and the SAG are also be invited. The NPD may decide to invite observers (such as representative of the NA or CPV). The PCC meets at least every six months to review progress and implementation issues, and, when necessary, to provide guidance on priorities for Aus4Reform support. 

Management of Program Components

Agencies are responsible and accountable for implementing activities under the components they lead. CIEM is responsible for overall program coordination as well as implementation of the Flexible Fund. Criteria for deciding the allocation of Flexible Fund (FF) resources are provided in the Aus4Reform Direct Funding Agreement and the Operation Manual. The SAG and/or the SPA are asked to assist in reviewing and improving FF proposals as needed.

Implementing agencies appoint a National Component Director (NCD) to be responsible for each component, plus additional staff and other resources. 

The NCDs are responsible for preparation of annual work plans, budgets, and results reports in line with provisions of the Operations Manual. Each component needs to ensure compliance with financial management, transparency and reporting requirements of the Governments of Vietnam and Australia. 

Program Support

The NPD and NCDs are supported by a Senior Advisory Group (SAG), a part-time international Senior Policy Adviser (SPA) and a Program Support Unit (PSU) Detailed TORs of key personnel are included in the Aus4Reform Direct Funding Agreement.